ken kelleher depicts autos and bikes as sculptural art pieces in digital collection

ken kelleher digitally sculpts cars and trucks and motorcycles


Metallic auto types that bulge and slope, and lifestyle-dimensions bike types that balloon with pillowy paddings. Ken Kelleher’s electronic artwork pieces on autos borrow their features from whimsical dream sequences and hypnotic attraction towards grandeur style and design inquiries and alternatives.


His pink metallic automobile packs a rear with swelling bumps that slim to two exhaust vents. He strips his black vehicle from getting any doors, home windows, and views, and retains its headlights and hood. The enclosure for his dandelion-coloured motor vehicle rises and falls like rugged mountains, gifting the over-all layout the seem of a palm-sized mouse for a computer.

Mellow Yellow | visuals courtesy of Ken Kelleher



The element of shock compels Kelleher to strengthen his digital sculptures with instilled mystery and transient jolt. Viewers narrow their eyes to thoroughly scrutinize the realness of his artwork pieces. What goes at the rear of the windowless vehicles and beneath the puffy bikes is up to the viewers’ discretion and creativity.


Section of the artist’s slant arrives through as he thinks that ‘you generate anything that has never ever before existed in the world until eventually you developed it.’ For Kelleher, his pursuit of delight and factor of shock from the get-go bubbles up as he states, ‘this phase of development is the section in which what you manufactured is nevertheless brand new to you. It has been born out of you. It did not exist in advance of, and now it does.’

ken kelleher digital art
Pink Bubblegum Activity



Making kinds in drawings real


Ken Kelleher disperses his creative codes in a maelstrom of alleyways, from substantial-scale installations to electronic art items. His condition of thoughts nudges him to sketch initially and enable the draft unfold into tough renderings making use of his computer. Initial, he makes his digital sketches and lets them brew for a when. He inquires then on how he can transform them into tangible merchandise of artwork and design.


‘Once I generate the renderings, I research how they could be finished and connect with persons who I believe would be proper for the challenge,’ he says. The artist slash imaginative director in digital design and style eyes sculptures additional for the motive of tangible creations. In his new electronic artwork parts, his ethos to bring about playful, existence-measurement and -like sculptural vehicles and bikes stately manifest.

ken kelleher digital art
Black Natural beauty



Kelleher curates his own layout language by experimenting. He’s worked on wood, steel, fiberglass, tape, plastic, and his elements portfolio keeps on growing. Heading digital for his oeuvre illustrates his drive to broaden and build as a result of creative mediums.


He suggests that he would make sculptures based on a dialogue with the resources, ‘and with my creativity, in some cases type appear in a drawing, and I am influenced to make them real.’ His vehicles and bikes digital art carves a virtual route for the American creative to participate in with the automotive fans’ pondering visions on the what-if styles of motor vehicles.

ken kelleher digital art
Orange Stryker

Maria Lewis

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